the in the zone project is an interview/portrait series showcasing visual and performance artists, in an effort to shine the spotlight on the culture of art & entertainment in and around the phoenix metropolitan area


In an effort to raise awareness about child safety, and alert the public to the alarming numbers when it comes to missing children in the United States…


Hopefully making an appearance in Phoenix in the near future…


With CYPHERS - The Center for Urban Arts closing one chapter and preparing to move on to another, AZ KRUMP fam came out to represent at this year’s My Fest on the CYPHERS’ stage.  If you weren’t able to attend, here’s a small peek at what you missed.


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IN THE ZONE:  CYPHERS - The Center for Urban Arts

The Center for Urban Arts is Phoenix’s premiere center to learn, practice, and celebrate urban art forms.  We aim to showcase the essence of hip hop culture as a liberating force in our communities.  At the Center we teach hip hop, aerosol art, yoga, house, and other styles of movement and art that push the boundaries of urban culture.  We take our inspiration from the urban metropolis, and combine cutting edge artistic practice with innovative style.  The Center’s vision is to educate students about the history and cultural importance of urban art styles, as well as provide authentic movement techniques and practice.  All of our classes use hip hop methodology to liberate students and inspire thought and practice rooted in community, justice, and art engagement.

Unlike other studios, The Center for Urban Arts teaches the foundations, history, and cultural knowledge of all urban art forms to deepen our student’s respect and appreciation for the styles they practice.  We believe that responsible artists are those that understand the historical and culture significance of their art form.

The urban arts are inspired by revolutionary tactics from those that live at the margins.  From hip hop dance to aerosol art, all styles are rooted in self-expression and bold individual identity.  Our classes and culture uphold the traditions and knowledge of each particular form and believe that urban art can be a catalyst for thoughtful change.

At the heart of The Center for Urban Arts is the strong connection to community.  We foster deep bonds with our students and teachers, and believe that The Center can be a hub for urban arts culture, youth, students, and teachers to come together to create revolution through cutting edge styles, cultural exchange, and rigorous practice.

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IN THE ZONE: Barrett-Jackson 2013 - An Introspective Look at American Car Culture (PART II)

In this segment, resident Arizona artist, Lucretia Torva gives us her perspective on how art, history, and memorabilia each contribute to the Barrett-Jackson experience…

Lucretia Torva’s lifetime of art experience inspires her masterful technique, clever eye, and intriguing compositions. Having grown up in Europe, she was blessed with exposure to some of the world’s greatest museums and landmarks. This instilled in her a great respect for past creations as a starting point from which to grow into the future…

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IN THE ZONE: Barrett-Jackson 2013 - An Introspective Look at American Car Culture (PART I)

What is it about people’s fascination with cars, making car culture such a phenomenon that an event like Barrett-Jackson has to exist?  This brief series seeks to answer this question in addition to others by asking some of the attendees that participated in this year’s event held in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

This short segment features Jason Bair, owner of Bair Customs in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which specializes in custom automobile build, upgrade, restoration, and modification.